Artist Statement
I earned a professional degree in architecture and worked in
the field for nine years. Although I succeeded modestly in the
building field I struggled with deep mental strife which
eventually lead me to pursue fine art.

In 1984 I hit rockbottom literally experiencing a life
threatening accident and I was restricted to a wheelchair for
seven months.It was then that I reviewed my life and began to
pick up the pieces and trudge forward returning to work.As I
was influenced by the suggestion from my doctor I began to
paint full time in 1988. It is from my personal experience of
deep emotional trouble and despair that I draw a wealth of
ideas,intergrating cultural references,myths,literature,art
history and philosophy into my surreal allegorical paintings.
My work reflects many influences from artists of the past such
as Rembrant, Rousseau,Magritte,Rodin and others.On
occasion I will place an iconic figure from a Rodin sculpture
or a Rembrant painting into my narrative bringing the past to
a contemporary expression.

I present to the viewer a situational poetic state of being
providing an opportunity of personal interpretation and
reflection as I strive to speak to you what I have learned  from
the trials and tribulations of my life.To me communication to
the other is thrilling and the essence of human conduct and
humanity amid the animal kingdom.